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Art installation of hair and pins based on an image of water
Human hair and straight pins on Tentestnels.
108 x 348 x 1 1/4 inches ( 274 x 884 x 3.5 cm)

The straight pins for this work are placed according to the highlights on a photo of rapidly flowing water. Handfuls of hair then are pressed into the pins which holds them, like the teeth of a hairbrush.

The original version, pictured here, was made for a living room in a two storey apartment for "Pied-à-terre" a Articule Artist-Run Centre off-site group project in Montreal. The hairwall was later remounted in different configurations for "Textiles, that is to say," curated by Sarah Quinton & John Armstrong at The Museum for Textiles Canada in Toronto and at OR Society in Vancouver and for "La Face" curated by France Choinièr & Yves O’Reilly for Dazibao in Montreal.