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Video loop presenting me eating a photograph of myself and my father
video, painted wooden table, video projector, VCR and speakers

An intimate video installation of me presenting and eating a photo of myself as a small child sitting on my father’s lap while I hum a Yiddish lullaby my father used to sing to me. The projector was placed on a domestic table, pushed as close to the wall as possible while maintaining the focus. The action of eating the photograph was enacted seven times and looped.

This image shows the original installation at Galerie B-312 in Montreal.
"Papa" was also included in my solo show curated by Carolyn Bell-Farrell at the Koffler Gallery in Toronto, "Bereft" a group exhibition curated by Sylvie Fortin at Hallwalls in Buffalo, N.Y and Spaces in Cleveland, Ohio, "A Theater of Presence" curated by Andrew Forster, Beaverbrook Gallery, Fredericton, New Brunswick and "Afterimage" curated by Loren Lerner, Jewish Community Centre in Montreal.